Saturday, April 4, 2009


Between some art instruction books/DVD's and online art groups, I am swamping myself with challenges. The challenge here will be to blog them once a week. Sort of an virtual journal and gallery to track my progress This website is a tremendous repository for all things art, from beginner to professional.

Colored Pencil Forum - Monthly Challenges for April 2009
Tom's Hands

Sunset Sea.

Drawing and Sketching Forum - Weekly Drawings

March 23-29, 2009
Filtered Sunlight

March 30 - April 5, 2009
Apple Blossoms

Watermedia Form - Monthly Challenge

This space reserved for Zebras
(Yes. Really.)

Classical Art Forum - Various masters are studied and then submissions are done in the style of that artist. There are several ongoing projects. Klimt, Botticelli, and Japanese antique-style.
I haven't done any of these yet, but they are fascinating.

And, I have my birthday present, Sanda Angelo's colored pencil course, Level 4-1. Below is my first attempt on colored paper. Most of my lesson projects are actually better drawings than Madame Plum Blossom here, but they are in my sketchbook and I don't want to scan that! It would be like scanning one's underwear.

All-media Paint-outs (you can win $50!)
#12 Five Objects 4/6/09 - Dear John

#13 Non-floral Spring 5/18/09

Please place umbrellas here.
(Not kidding here, either.)

Everytime I do a lesson project, or a challenge, I learn something the fun way. Better than real life, where I learn everything the hard way!

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