Monday, July 12, 2010

Great Baltic Sea Raid of 2010

AGENDA: Fly to London. Sail to Russia. Return.
Never thought I would be writing that St. Petersburg was too hot -- but, it was! Whew. Lovely weather for entire twelve day cruise through Scandinavia. Loved Stockholm and Estonia. St. Petersburg was B-I-G and fascinating. London, too, is enormous and rambling. Lots of pictures and still reflecting on it all.

Lovely Tallinn, Estonia.

Another shot to go with my Chinese Glockenspiel Band and Viennese Samba Dancers. Sort of out-of-context Buddist monks in Copenhagen at Rosenberg Castle.
Dasvodanya St. Petersburg.
What does a diurnal creature do when the sun doesn't set until 1a.m.?

And rises at 4:14am?!

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visioneerwindows said...

night from 1 to 4? sounds like my sleep pattern, added with lots of naps...;-)