Monday, May 4, 2009

Mother's Day

"Vada". graphite on bristol, 14 x 17. This little lady is my grandmother, who passed away a bit more than a year ago at age 95. She had one child, who had four children, who have fourteen among them. She has six great-great grandchildren, and another on they way -- all courtesy of my four. Must have overwhelmed her, at times, but she was a feisty little thing in many ways and took it all in stride. She taught me a perspective on life that, as I get older, keeps me from complaining about the aches and pains of daily life. I took this portrait from a photograph of her in the back seat while on a roadtrip to Montana. For me, family is what life is really all about. So, I am sharing the mother of us all, in our family.

Happy Mother's Day.

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Donna Ridgway said...

Wonderful portrait. I love the hair. She reminds me of my great grandma. She was a character also. I like your blog, are you on twitter?