Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lettuce and Radishes and More, Oh My!

Still life challenge now more than half completed.

Depression Glass Still Life. 10x10, colored pencil. Now, it may appear that the etching on the glass sort of danced right off the plate. It did. I'm keeping it that way, because I like it. In person, these lemons don't look quite so pinkish. This is a distortion from the photography that I can't seem to eliminate. However, the shading on the lower right and upper left are accurate and I liked those parts, too.

Radishes, 5x7, watercolor

I liked the chocolate-y muddy water these were soaking in. The idea is to play fast and loose with these as I tend to get bogged down and mud up the whole danged thing.

Lettuce, 5x7, watercolor

I really liked these lettuces. They were displayed on an old bookcase that looked like mahogany. If the same vendor is there again this week with that prize, I might buy it. It was very pretty, and obviously much abused. Then again, it might be a beloved family heirloom that does duty as a workhorse.


Fábio Cembranelli said...

What a wonderful blog! Your radishes are gorgeous!

Deborah Ross said...

Wow, Dana! I love all your work, especially the candy jar. That one is just perfect, and it's so difficult to paint glass. Nice job.