Sunday, July 19, 2009

Not Another Landscape Painter

I am not a landscape person. But, I wanted to play with the oil pastels after doing the portrait below, so I just started scribbling around on a pretty piece of Canson pastel paper. I didn't know a little forest would appear. Though this is really just an exercise, but I feel compelled to put ornaments on the trees and print it up for Christmas cards. I guess if I can draw Christmas candy in July, I can do Christmas trees as well.
Silence, 8x10 oil pastel on mi teintes paper.
Despite the overwhelming desire to mess these next two up, I am (for once) leaving them alone. That may be the key to why I like portraits and still life subjects so much better -- lots of little details to color.
High Bluffs, 8x10 watercolor.

Sunrise Mesa, 8x10 watercolor

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