Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Two Yellow Bags

We have been busy emptying my creative space (aka sewing room, painting studio). The new floor is in and looks great. So easy to keep clean. Next up, new quarter-round molding to the baseboards and touch-up painting.

Meanwhile, because everything had to be taken out of the room, I am finishing up long-neglected projects.
These two yellow bags were full of quilting projects. So far, I have made a set of four placemats and three matching potholders. Three more sets of potholders and some coasters for wine bottles with matching gift bags. AND, (drumroll, please) a quilt and pillow for my grandson, August. I am in the last stages of another quilt and busy applique-ing chickens to yet another one.

Dragon Teeth Quilt
Chinese Lantern Quilt

Getting these things out of the way makes me feel productive. So, while I am not painting, I am still having a busy creative period.
Just thought I would update this poor old blog as I have been very neglectful of it lately.


Joan said...

Looks like a nice space with good light! Your quilts are lovely!!

"JeanneG" said...

Nice floor. Better slow down or you will burn out. Nice that you are getting some thing finished. I set out to do that once. Finished a few and then ... no more. I think I finally just donated them somewhere.

Anil P said...

The Dragon Teeth quilt makes for great presence, is striking, and has an edge to it.