Thursday, June 11, 2009

Artist's Block?

Admittedly, I am still recovering from my spine surgery, but finally today, I broke out of my rut and actually went into my art room to play with the toys. I didn't. But, at least, I went in there. So, I must be recovering. It is hard to get back into my old new routine. I only officially retired in February of this year, so can't say it was really much of an "old routine", but I miss it. I miss carrying my coffee cup upstairs, opening the windows, and planning the art part of my day.

I did find a couple of small art cards I started. I don't like them much, so will not include them here as they are not finished, and probably won't be. But, I did set up my work space for continuing a still life I started before my back crashed my little world.

I found a few small prepped oil canvases for studies I planned to do for a larger version of a particular view of Morro Bay that I photographed in early May. That almost seems like a lifetime ago.

So, if anyone else has that ambivalent feeling about getting over one thing and back into something similar to what was comfortable, or something new and entirely different, let me know about it. It is lonely out here in recovery world and so easy to forget all the small victories on the path to the new old new routine.

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