Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer Self-Challenge

Over at WetCanvas, there is a watermedia summer self-challenge I avidly joined just before my bigger challenge of back surgery. I have modified my over-eager original challenge of 90 small pieces to this: Thirty Still Life Paintings - any medium. This will extend from June 13, when I got busy again with my artsy stuff, until August 31st. This goal, I believe is achieveable and I know I will learn about a thousand more things not to do in pursuing it. That's why I paint, draw, "color", anyway -- to learn how not to do it and thereby refine my skills. Simple.

So, here are the first two finished works. Certainly not perfect, but if perfection were the goal, I wouldn't have started anyway. Morning Magnolias. 8x10, oil on canvas board. Cup came out a little stodgy, and some of the leaves are questionable (at best), but the idea is captured. Started at 6:45 a.m. with the light hitting the flower petals. I haven't worked in oils for over a year, and never have painted anything but landscapes in oils. This was actually a lot of fun.

You saw this one before, now it is finished. (Before it finished me!)

Twenty-eight to go.

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