Thursday, June 18, 2009

Flyin' Down East

All packed. Boarding passes printed. Ready to go somewhere I have never been before -- -- Maine. In particular, Lake Cobbosseecontee (Lake Cobb'see to the locals, apparently).

Taking some graphite pencils, some watersoluable graphite, and colored pencils and their accessories which are basically a sharpener or two and some erasers. One of the nicest things about CP's is their portability and neatness. Even took a small box of 36 oil pastels, in case someone wants to paint with me or experiment with them.

Also, stuck in a limited selection of watercolors, favorite brushes, and a new very nice watercolor field book and my trusty Mucha Gallery sketchbook purchased last year in Prague. (Doesn't that sound a bit "la-di-da"?) This one had such lovely paper in it, I had to have it. Don't have much more space in that sketchbook, so might get to hunt down a new one.

Got the camera, batteries and charger. I usually take scads of photographs and surely this excursion will be no different.

It's supposed to rain off and on during our stay, but that just means lots of atmospheric effects for watercolors. My daughter, Susan, who lives close to our rental cabin, says that the days have been gorgeous and the rain doesn't last too long, usually. I have never visited her, so we are both very excited about this trip.

I would like to thank all of you who have opted to follow my blog. Big hugs all around. I enjoy reading yours, too, and sharing with so many very creative people.

Back by June 29th with lots to share!


Joan said...

Thanks for coming over to visit my blog. I enjoyed visiting yours...super work. Visiting Maine should be fun. I don't know the lake you'll be visiting, but I spend a bit of time up there too. My sister lives about an hour from Portland, Maine and I always try to plan a trip up there in the summer. Enjoy your trip! It will be a bit different than San Diego...another of my favorite places. I am going to link your blog on mine, that way I can come back and visit easily.

Adrian said...

well you should follow my new blog...MOM! Hahah...yeah I started one.