Monday, August 3, 2009

Come Out and Play at Artist's Network

Versaille Village, 8x10, watercolor

Back home and getting back into my painting routine, I once again joined in the Weekly Photo Challenge at Artists Network. I know this is a blatant commerical for them, but that was not my intention, other than to say for many would-be artists, these little challenges are great for broading our scope of interest, trying new things, and as I am so fond of saying: finding yet another way to not to do stuff.

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skmatthews said...

Love your link to the Artists Network challenges! The more participants we have the more we have to learn!

Susan Matthews
(On Artists Network it's "Holland" or "hollyga". Holland is my middle name and the one I use on my artwork and in artists communities - Susan is for the rest of the world - too many Susans are confusing!)