Saturday, August 1, 2009

Extended Stay

I was all full of great and amibitious plans to complete my still life challenge. I was going to photograph all kinds of mundane stuff, paint it in a moody style, and call the series "Extended Stay." Yep, I was.

Instead, I fought with some cheap watercolor paper and did exercises from Watercolor and American Artist magazines and a painting book we bought to keep me occupied for the week while my spouse toiled away.

This was fun and loosened me up quite a bit. So, I thought I would do something similar for a project I have been procrastinating about. Now comes the dilemma. While there is much I want to re-work when I do this next one on bigger and better paper, I really like the colors that appeared in the washes under the figures. I really, really like them and now am procrastinating about the formal version because of a bad case of "what if''s." Such as, what if I can't get those cool looking shadow colors and water patterns; what if I mess up the faces (again). See what I mean? Fear, fear, fear -- of the darndest things. It's just a painting. Lighten up.

Everyone has a case of this from time to time, but I found it perfectly ironic to be practicing loosening-up exercises and tightening up with apprehensions simultaneously. Ever been there? Are you there now? It's my biggest battle, how about you?

Oh, those photographs I was going to take? Here is the best of the batch. Seems there is a large population of cranes roosting in some of the very tall evergreens planted in a nearby business park. I love this image, particularly, with the moon caught in the branches. It would make a lovely, quietly mysterious painting, don't you think?

I'm already thinking I could really mess this up, trying to get the reflection on those feathers just right!

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