Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I Don't Do Flowers, Either

I mentioned that landscapes are my least-confident subjects. Here is another one -- florals. I never like mine, over-work them, and then really don't like them. Here are the latest efforts.

I don't know why I have such a problem. I love flowers. I grow lots of them and photograph them endlessly. But, I am posting these here to gain some insight into why I have such a problem painting them. The only idea that comes to mind just now is that I make them too complicated. That rings true, because I do it with lots of other things, too.

Poppies, I Think

Is thatSupposed to be a Lily?

Poinsettia Cruelty

Dark Lilies

This last one was for a Weekly Photo Challenge at Artist's Network and done from an incredibly beautiful photograph posted there. I actually like this one, some what. So, if I keep exploring, I may end up enjoying the process.

There are always those last 10 still lifes, too!


visioneerwindows said...

I like your Dark Lilies - less a sense of roughness, and more of depth projection... the colors are more appealing, too, especially with the dark background [if the first one had a darker one, say brown, would look better, I think]...

Joan said...

Your florals look good to me. I really like this last one!!!