Sunday, August 9, 2009

I Don't Do Landscapes, Part II

These are experiments in watercolor landscape, just for fun. They aren't "fun" for me, usually, so I thought I would try a few while taking a break from the last ten of my still life 30 project. (No, not forgotten, just needed a palette cleanser. Pun intended.)

Snowed In

Below are two WIP's (works-in-process) from reference photographs in Zoltan Szabo's great book, Color-by-Color Guide to Watercolor. The one just above is also from a reference in that book, but I liked the unusual sky color in the photo and used that instead of the demonstration which was dramatically different.

I use this book often for reference in color mixing, glazing, and combinations. My version is stuffed with little odd pieces of watercolor paper with my own favorite combinations and especially transparencies.

Misty Morning

I like where this is going, but I am not really sure where that is. I seem to have too many shadows going in odd directions. But then, rocks under snow (that's what's supposed to be) look like that.

Tin Shack

I have too much detail on the far logs and they are too dark in comparison to the foreground log. I like the warm versus cool shadows in this, though.

While neither of these is actually finished and might never be, they are part of the great big pile 'o stuff and I thought I would post them just for fun. I am working on two much larger, more detailed projects than I have ever done and haven't decided if I would post a WIP in parts for them. So, while I am deciding, I thought I would update my blog.


Joan said...

Looks like you're having fun doing things you don't do!!!! Nice work.

Anita Stoll said...

Very nice for a non landscape painter. I would like to see more.
I'm prejudiced because I am a landscape painter. I don't do still lifes.